There are probably hundreds of sword fights in movie history. Some are pretty bad, while some are the best in history. No matter how great a fight is, once you alter the sword into a lightsaber, the wow-ness factor goes up by a factor of 50. Sword fights like The Princess Bride, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Errol Flynn are absolutely amazing. Alter their swords into lightsabers and they are mind blowing. Here is a scene of Arya in Game of Thrones from Season Seven:

How awesome is that? Maisie Williams knows her stuff, but then again so did Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor. Then someone did the following to Season 8/Episode 3:

That scene was bad ass enough the first time, but with Arya’s weapon changed from her custom design to a lightsaber? The scene goes over the top!

We need Arya (Maisie Williams) In the Star Wars Universe

Arya; Jedi

By adding lightsabers to these two scenes, i don’t know how to more emphatically yell Star Wars needs Maisie Williams. She still has a young look to her, but she is no padawan. Maisie should be cast as a full fledged Jedi Knight. She not only has the ability to fight like an established swordsman, but she has the presence that demands respect of an accomplished Jedi.

If you manage to cast Maisie in either the Benioff and Weiss movies or the Rian Johnson movies, she would make a great Jedi lead. In fact, creating lightsabers similar to her custom weapon would be brilliant. Her style would be a cross between Ahsoka Tano’s and Darth Maul’s.

If the time frame is The Old Republic (rumored B&W era), we can assume Jedi would train to face other swordsman due to the Sith presence. In the Republic era, Jedi didn’t train to face other lightsaber wielders as explained in the Claudia Gray book, Master & Apprentice. Maisie’s skill would be better showcased in the OR era.

Never Tell Me the Odds, But…

Could this really happen? There are many factors that weigh against it, but a few that would favor her inclusion.

The biggest downside is that she is now free of a show that has dominated her life for the past 10 years. Most actors want to run from series like this, not because of bad experiences, but they can finally do something new and different. She may not want to jump into a franchise that will eat up another decade of her life.

One thing that could swing either way is the Benioff and Weiss factor. She has worked with them for a decade. Does she wish to work with them for another decade if they are in fact do an Old Republic story. No reports have ever surfaced about any bad blood between actors or Benioff and Weiss (other than Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn due to previous relationship gone bad).

Then again, having had such a good experience with them, they may have an inside advantage should they want to go after Maisie and cast her in their series.

The odds probably not good, but for Maisie to join the Star Wars universe as a Jedi would blow minds. I would love to see her join the franchise. Given the push back on the Star Wars release dates, maybe she can be talked into it. One can watch the above clips and dream.