ELEVEN ARTS Anime Studio will be distributing the sci-fi coming-of-age film Penguin Highway in the US and Canada. The film will screen with the original Japanese dialogue with subtitles as well as the English dub.  The dub recording was directed by Bob Buchholz (Violet EvergardenChildren of the Whales) and Megan Buchholz (Violet Evergarden, Devilman Crybaby). Featured in the dub cast are: Erika Harlatcher (I Want to Eat Your Pancreas) as Onee-san/Young Lady, Anne Yatco (Children of the Whales) as Hamamoto, Keith Silverstein (Bleach) as Aoyama’s Father, Cindy Robinson (Sonic Boom) as Aoyama’s Mother, Christine Marie Cabanos (A Silent Voice), and Michael Sorich (Ghost in the Shell). The cast also features child actors Gideon Modisett as Aoyama and Landen Beattie (Terra Willy) as Uchida.

The film, directed by Hiroyasu Ishida, won the Axis: The Satoshi Kon Award for Excellence in Animation award at Fantasia International Film Festival for the best animated feature. The film has also been nominated for the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year.

Penguin Highway is an adaptation of Tomihiko Morimi’s best-selling novel by the same. Mr. Morimi is also the author of The Night is Short, Walk on Girl, which also had an anime film adaptation made and released in the US in 2018.