Episode 5 of Power Rangers Beast Morphers is airing this Saturday, April 6th. Ahead of of Episode 5, we’ve learned that Episodes 6-8 now have titles, air dates, and official descriptions.

Beast Morphers

Episode 6

Hangar Heist
Airs: 04/13/19
Nate develops new technology from a captured Gigadrone and Devon struggles with fully trusting his team.

Beast Morphers: Episode 7

A Friend Indeed
Airs: 04/20/19
Evox targets the Beast Bots to stop the Rangers from forming their Megazord.

Episode 8

The Cybergate Opens
Airs: 04/27/19
Scrozzle executes his plan to finally free Evox from the Cyber Dimension and the Rangers, along with an unexpected friend, must do everything in their power to stop him.

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Source: Morphin Legacy