We’ve been on top of Marvel Studios Black Widow film for several months, first reporting that it would kick off Marvel Studios’ 2020 slate, revealing character breakdowns and then recently updating the the studio’s plan for the film’s villain. Earlier today we revealed a list of front runners for the film’s new female lead and with the casting process in constant motion, we’ve now come to learn a bit more about the film’s villain, including one of the names in the mix for the role.

With the rewrites from writer Ned Benson, casting director Sarah Finn has expanded the board of candidates for the role. Originally targeting actors in their 40s, the studio has opened up the age range a bit and, as such, attracted an exciting name into the mix. We’ve learned that with preproduction currently underway in London, auditions for role of the villain were taking place as recently as early this week and that Andre Holland read for the role. Holland broke out following his award-winning performance in 2016’s Moonlight and has drawn rave reviews for his role as Henry Deaver on Hulu’s Castle Rock.

Holland is not the only actor to read for the role, but his audition caught the attention of Marvel Studios who are said to be hoping to find the right mix of a powerful, confident actor who can pull off smart and sexy.

We’ve also learned a bit more about a pair of roles on which we’ve previously reported. The film will feature an older male and older female in supporting roles. These roles, it seems, are tied together and will be playing Americans in the film and there is some indication that they may be working with the film’s main villain. The studio is interested in exploring some big names here with Rachel Weisz in the mix for the female role and actors such as Sebastian Koch and Alec Bladwin mentioned for the male role. Casting for these roles will take priority for the studio after they’ve cast the main villain’s role.

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