This Covid 19 virus has so many people stuck at home. With the length this thing has carried on, life can get pretty boring, but if you and your family are gaming fans, you might want to head over to Amazon quickly. For today only, Amazon’s slashing game prices.

Amazon’s Slashing Game Prices: Find a New Game Today

Whether its Magic the Gathering, board games or even if you are looking for some dice sets, Amazon slashed prices up to 40%. If you want to look at their collection click here. Below are some examples to choose from:

call to adventure
Call to Adventure

Call to Adventure – Have you ever played a deck building game? In those games you start with a small deck then draft cards to make your deck more powerful. Well this game is a CHARACTER building deck. You draft an origin, a motivation and a destiny. Players must then choose adventures and traits that build up your character and their story. You do this by casting runes based on D&D stats (strength, intelligence, wisdom, charisma, dexterity, and constitution) In the end you tally up points to see who wins, or you simply enjoy the story you built.

Magic the Gathering 2019 Commander Deck 4pk – Have you ever wanted to get into Magic and not know where to begin? These decks are a great place to start. There are so many options when trying to start Magic, these decks will give you several jumping off points to see what you like.

Llamas Unleashed – If you are a fan of unstable unicorns, this may be your next jumping off point. These card games are great fun with families or at parties. They combine fun card game play and a wicked sense of humor for a night of great fun!

Q-Workshop Steampunk Clockwork Caramel & White Dice Set (7 Piece) – Ever walk through a store and see an awesome set of dice but had to keep walking beacuse of the price? This is just one example of some of the dice sets they have on sale. Great for those starting out or building their D&D dice sets.

Check out other great buys including Wonder Woman, Stratego, Throw the Burrito and more, but you only have TODAY to buy it!