It is obvious Rian Johnson has made a very divisive movie with The Last Jedi. No matter the positives it has in its corner, there will always be a very loud and poisonous group of people that hate the movie. The back and forth between camps keeps drawing into question whether Rian will even get a shot to make the trilogy he was green lit for years ago.

We all know, as was reported here, that Rian has tweeted his trilogy is still on and he is developing it even now. When it may be released is anyone’s guess. It sounds like Benioff and Weiss are going to get their movie off the ground first. Combine this with Star Wars being diluted with Avatar’s unwanted sequels, the next window may be some distance down the road.

Here are 5 reasons Rian should get his trilogy:

1 – Rian Loves Star Wars

Lots of people love Star Wars. What does this have to do with anything? Rian has shown his love, passion and dedication for Star Wars. While yes this does not guarantee a good film (Dungeons & Dragons 2000 anyone?), it is great to have someone that cares that much about the property.

Let’s face it, all sorts of directors have quit films over less than what Rian has faced. Rian has faced more hate and vitriol than nearly any other director, yet he is steadfast with his resolve to make HIS trilogy. He could have said screw the fans and just walked away with his millions.

Fan hate is a powerful thing. You know one name that did quit under extreme fan hate – George Lucas. The hate and criticism of his prequels drove the creator of the Star Wars universe away from the franchise all together. George Lucas quit Star Wars. Rian is facing as much if not more than George did and his resolve could never be stronger. If you have any respect at all, you have to admire the no quit attitude even if you don’t like him.

2 – Rian Knows the Force

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One of the things i liked about The Last Jedi was Rian’s use of the force. He used many of the subtle things we have known possible all these years such as Luke stretching out to Leia after rejoining the force. He used telekinesis in places, including the traditional “floating rocks” at the end of the movie, but he also added two new wrinkles in the force projection as well as Yoda’s interaction with the real world via lightning.

What I liked about the force projection aspect is that Rian did not invent this. He looked through old source material and found an example of the force projection in The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force. This shows Rian is ready to look for something new, but not necessarily feel like he has to invent it. He will dig deep for little known sources to use items that have been forgotten.

Also his use of Yoda was fantastic. He nailed Yoda’s humor and teaching style as well as showing force ghosts can interact with the real world to some extent. I can’t wait to see what he does with the force in his trilogy.