3 – It will be Rian’s vision

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One of the biggest negatives that keeps getting repeated is “That’s not my Luke Skywalker.” Some bristled with Rian’s take on the Jedi Master. The good thing about Rian’s new movies is that he has stated they will be set apart from the Skywalkers, and as far as we know, everything else in the galaxy we know. There may be references used for time placement or scene setting, but what Rian does with his trilogy will be free of previous expectation. He can craft from scratch.

4 – Great Visuals w/ Fighting/Special Effects

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Rian had a very key visual style and really made things pop. From the red backdrop of Snoke’s chamber, to the red and white of Crait, to the Holdo Maneuver, Rian did some great things with TLJ visually. Some of the special effects were great backdrops, while others held clues as to what was actually happening (the Kylo/Luke fight).

I cant wait to see what Rian does visually with his new trilogy. Will he have a dominate color theme once more, or will he go a different route? What secrets will he hide in plain sight with his trilogy.

Then you have the choreography and fighting which was very well done. A scene of 2 vs 8(?) more realistic than the episode 1 fight with 2v1. Will he use a bunch of force users fighting each other in a clash of lightsabers, or will there even be any lightsabers?

Finally there was the opening scene of TLJ. The bombers were a great old school touch. Lucas loved WWII so much he used real dogfight footage to help block out his original aerial combat. The Starfortress looked and felt like the old WWII bombers with their windowed, bulbous nose, the catwalks and the open bomb bay doors. I would like to see more touches like this in his universe.