Captain Marvel is ready to save lives and the domestic box office this weeke, as reports indicate that the first female-led Marvel film could gross over $125 million domestically, and more than double that worldwide.

Let’s show these movies how it’s done.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Captain Marvel could potentially exceed the already sky-high expectations and make up to $145 million in its debut weekend at the North American box office. It’s a much needed boost after a lackluster few months, showing that year-to-year revenue is down by 26 percent – not to mention the 17-year low that February just hit. Carol Danvers flying in somewhere between $125M and what some are suggesting could be a $150M opening is just what the industry needs.

Not only have presales been strong for the first (chronologically speaking!) female Avenger, but word of mouth will sure get even more people in seats. The reviews thus far have suggested that fans won’t be disappointed, and the film will likely require repeat viewings for those us of us who want to connect it to every other story in the MCU. Especially the hotly-anticipated Avengers: Endgame, which Carol’s adventure manages to create even more hype for.

If all goes according to plan, Captain Marvel will wind up as the second-biggest opening for a Marvel Studios origin story – just behind Black Panther, which made about $202M in its debut weekend. It’s almost certain to pass Wonder Woman‘s $103M opening number, which is a great sign that audiences want more women’s stories and not less.

As the film debuts worldwide – except for Japan, which must wait until the 15th of March – Danvers is looking to take much more than just North America by storm. The movie is set to hit it big, racking up to $300M globally and proving that nothing is slowing Marvel Studios down.

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