Just a few days after a massive news roundup for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was released, the opening dates for the area are getting announced later this week.

WDW News Today is reporting that this Thursday, March 7th during the Walt Disney Company’s Shareholders call the opening dates for Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland will be getting announced.

With Walt Disney’s World opening date, it’s been changed from Late Fall to Fall, so it looks like it could be opening in either September or October, meaning they could be starting with previews as early as in July.

Bob Iger had previously said that the area will be opening in June for Disneyland, but we don’t know for sure. But if it does open in June at Disneyland, their previews could start as early as May. But if get changed to August, previews could start as early as June.

It is interesting that Thursday is when we are finding out the opening dates, but once we get these dates, we can gauge when previews could be starting.