At long last, the box office has received the movie that would begin to generate some money. The Jan/Feb box office has remained sluggish at best so far with titles like Glass, Lego Movie 2, and others failing to produce an audience. How To Train Your Dragon finally brought in the dough.

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Dragon 3 brought in a very nice haul of $55.5 million over the three day weekend, which tops the next closest movie of the year (Glass) by $15 million. This is also the largest opening of the franchise. Barring some sort of national disaster, the box office should grow from here.

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Suffering from the Dragon’s presence at #2 is Alita Battle Angel. Alita fell a whopping 58% in only its second week to $12 million. Thankfully the foreign box office is picking up the slack. Globally Alita has managed $202 million for a grand total of $263 million.

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Also suffering the Dragon’s wrath in third place is The Lego Movie 2. Lego 2 fell a slightly steeper than normal drop in its third week to $10 million. The Lego world might be in for some hurt for future movies.

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In fourth place is Fighting With My Family. While technically in its second week, week one consisted four theaters. It managed $8 million. Family is about a daughter from a wrestling family gets her shot to join the WWE.

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Finally in fifth place we have Isn’t It Romantic with only $7.5 million, bringing it just shy of $34 million total.


Dragon 3 did well, but the rest of the box office still remains low. Next week will be the calm before the storm. Dragon 3 should still hold #1 with only two semi-wide releases coming out. Greta and A Madea Family Funeral being the only new films. Then in two weeks we get the first blockbuster of the year.