Catwoman #8 has a very fast pace to it, covering quite a bit of ground, with quite a bit of action throughout the story. It is also a bit confusing though. This issue is named Something Smells Fishy 2 of 2, yet it feels like a new story arc that contains threads of the past and tons of questions going forward, instead of completing the previous arc.

Judging A Cover

Catwoman #8 cover

First off, the covers. The main cover is brilliant and really sums up this issue. You have Selina in the foreground ready to “play”, and in the background the silhouette of a cat. In the outline are the faces of everyone who has been relevant in this new title run.

Catwoman #8 Variant cover

The Variant on the other hand is 110% irrelevant. Batman fighting Joker with his entire rogues gallery in the background cheering – awesome, but it has absolutely nothing to do with this issue. You could use a Power Rangers cover for all the difference it would make.

A New Path?

Catwoman #8 is a good issue, but as i said, it feels like the launch of a new sub-series. We have elements continuing from previous issues, but the new elements brought into focus, make the end goal seem far from visible. At the heart of this story is a weird statue guarded by all things dead . . . That and some sort of Egyptian/VooDoo goddess or other being.

The Battle For the Trophy

Catwoman #8 Preview Page 1

First, Mrs Creel shows up for some powder or something. We can only assume that it has something to do with her face. Creel notices the statue and immediately wants it. Our first clue about the statue is the Priestess saying that the price of owning the statue is higher than can be believed.

Catwoman #8 Preview Page 2

Then we have Penguin. It is nice to see him back in the Batworld, he is not a villain I have seen around in awhile. Of course, he also wants the statue and has talked Catwoman into going after it.

Catwoman Runs the Gauntlet

Catwoman #8 Preview Page 3

Once she gets to the location, Selina runs into the world of the walking dead. She is attacked by zombies and then by the two demon dogs of the Priestess. Catwoman maneuvers herself through all this with ease, until she reaches the Priestess.

After a few extremely vague warnings a fight ensues between the Priestess and Catwoman. The art is very well drawn and they nailed the execution. While Catwoman can hold her own against most in a fight, whoever this Priestess is, she is clearly well trained. If Catwoman wasn’t one of the scrappiest fighters in the Bat-verse, she would have lost. Thankfully for Catwoman fans, she sneaks in a clobbering with the statue to gain the upper hand.

Compassion and Betrayal

The other thing I like about the end of this fight is that it shows Selina’s true colors once more. Where every other Bat-villian would smash the Priestess’ brains into the cement, Catwoman backs off when the Priestess yields; though once more the priestess gives the cryptic warning that this statue is more than it appears.

However, the warning doesn’t really matter since Penguin ambushes Catwoman and takes the statue. Of course, doing this keeps him from having to pay Catwoman . . . but at the same time, one does not make an enemy of Catwoman unless they want to roll the loaded dice, so does he have something else in mind for her? Somehow i don’t think the “souvenir” Penguin spoke of is in Selina’s best interests.

Things To Come

Backing up to the powder Mrs Creel took. It wasn’t for her face. It brought her son back to life! Whatever this statue is everyone is fighting for, it is something powerful and important.

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