Nightwing #57: The Covers

Nightwing #57 feels like the writers are setting up a large, beautiful house of dreams only to bring it crashing down in some future issue. In fact the instrument of its destruction could very well be related to Cover A. Meanwhile, Cover B is a very nice side shot of a Nightwing, probably one of the cops, standing before a statue of an eagle. The eagle appears to give the Nightwing actual wings.

It is the primary cover, though, that is so incredible. Ric is confined to a chair with a familiar looking female, although we have never seen before. The familiarity is from the all-purple suit, green gloves, and red hair. That, and the skin of a face she is dangling in front of Ric. Nothing Joker related is ever good, especially when its a relation to the Joker!

The Dream World

Nightwing #57

Nightwing #57 starts by setting up Ric’s dream world. While Ric won’t quite tell Bea “I love you”, you can tell its right there. Whether he says it or not, Ric IS in love. Of course this sets off his internal crisis: what does having a personal life mean in regards to a life as a superhero? He would much rather be with Bea, but fighting along side the Nightwings felt so right.

Ric joins Bea at a meeting where she tries to save the homeless shelter from a stadium construction, and loves her even more for her passion and conviction. Of course with all those homeless people in the room, who could see the person in the back in the purple hood?

Instrument of Destruction

As the councilman drives home after the meeting when his car gets jumped by the Daughter’s Joker. (Personally, I never liked the Joker phase when he wore stretched skin over his face like a mask. I am not a fan of that look here, either, but it is signature and screams Joker. ) She proceeds to shoot a smiley face into the car and kill all but the councilman. Why kill someone when you can later burn them with acid? But what does it matter? She is great with faces!

(Of course, wouldn’t be be a joker-related story if the acid-burned councilman didn’t stagger into a restaurant patronized by rich, affluent stadium supporters later in the issue.)

Heart To Hearts

Detective Sapienza swings by and talks with Ric. After some “coded” talk for awhile, Ric agrees to help Team Nightwing when needed. The call to be a superhero is just too strong for Ric to resist completely.

Back at the bar, Bea is having a nice conversation with none other than Barbara Gordon. In many ways the conversation feels like Barbara handing off Ric to Bea. I love the line Barbara uses about having to kill her if she hurts him. You know Barbara could pull that line off and give it meaning.

What’s Next After Nightwing #57?

Well, Nightwing seems to have a beautiful thing going for him. Let’s see how fast it comes tumbling down next issue.