It’s been quite a run for Star Wars news recently. There have been “will he” or “won’t he” rumors surrounding Rian Johnson’s new trilogy, for starters. Then there’s the buzz over Star Wars: Episode IX. JJ Abrams announced via Instagram that he’d wrapped photography for the film. News out of the UK even suggests a trailer or title reveal is soon forthcoming. Lost amidst all of this, however, is some other great news for Star Wars fans. Jon Favreau has seemingly wrapped The Mandalorian production, as well.

Twitter user “Jedi Knight Aaron Quinton” picked up on a now-deleted tweet from The.Unsung.Movie declaring the wrap on The Mandalorian production. The tweet featured a photo of a Mandalorian helmet signed by multiple members of the production crew:

The Mandalorian Production Has Wrapped; What Next?

There’s been no official statement (or social media post) from show Producer Jon Favreau. Notwithstanding, other sources claim that not only did The Mandalorian production wrap, but the crew held a wrap party at the Scum and Villainy Cantina in Los Angeles. Assuming all of this to be true, fans’ attention now turns back to Lucasfilm and Jon Favreau. The hope is that we’ll soon see more of the show than just a few pictures of droids and, of course, Willrow Hood’s infamous ice cream maker.

Mandalorian production
Will Willrow Hood make an appearance in The Mandalorian? (Image: Jon Favreau/Instagram)

At this point it’s probably more likely we’ll see a teaser trailer for Episode IX than we will for The Mandalorian. Captain Marvel opens March 8, and reason has it a trailer for Ep. IX will debut then. Realistically, we anticipate seeing Pedro Pascal in action and other images or footage from The Mandalorian production at Star Wars Celebration in May.

Anticipation is high for The Mandalorian, the first live-action Star Wars series in franchise history. Its $100 million budget and directors like Taika Waititi, however, seemingly give fans a similarly high degree of confidence in the series.

The Mandalorian production is a wrap; now we wait. The series debuts on Disney+ later this year.