When it comes to the most iconic spaceships ever, real or fictional, you can almost count them on one hand. The Apollo rockets, the Space Shuttle, and the Starship Enterprise all come to mind. Perhaps the most iconic spaceship, however, is none other than the Millennium Falcon of Star Wars. Consequently, a big question on many fans’ minds is this: what will happen with the Falcon in Star Wars: Episode IX? [Warning: possible spoilers to follow.]




We first learned that the Falcon did not always belong to Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back. “What have you done to my ship?” Lando asks Han when he lands at Cloud City. Han reminds Lando that he won it “fair and square.”

Millennium Falcon
“Hey, you lost her to me fair and square!” (Image: Lucasflm)

In last year’s Solo: A Star Wars story, we finally got to see the sabacc game in which Han does indeed win the ship fairly, and squarely. With Han’s death in Episode VII, however, ownership of the fabled ship is now in flux.

Who will Own the Falcon After Episode IX?

The Falcon as seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story. (Image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

If the Reddit rumors hold true, the Falcon will return to its original owner by the end of Episode IX. It also appears that Chewbacca will be the one to turn it over. Here’s how the rumor goes, according to Movie Web: Poe, Finn and Chewie embark on a mission together to seek aid for the Resistance. (This has some credence, as we’ve already seen images of the three together in leaked photos.) They connect with Lando Calrissian (and his daughter?), who is reluctant to join the fight. Chewbacca then offers up the Falcon’s return to Lando’s care as incentive.

Yes, there have been many rumors about what will happen in Episode IX . Thus far, there has been no response from Lucasfilm about any of them. Some fans are even already up in arms about things they can’t even confirm. Notwithstanding, fans shouldn’t take issue with this particular rumor. It would be a fitting send-off for the Falcon. We know how much Lando loved that ship. Taking possession back would also be a nice nod to his friendship with Han.

“She won’t get a scratch.” (Image: Lucasfilm)

This theory also suggests that at least two, iconic, original trilogy characters will survive the sequels. One of them is Lando, with Billy Dee Williams back to reprise the role. The other is, of course, the Falcon. Over the last forty years the Falcon has truly become a character in and of itself. Many if not most fans would be just as saddened to see it die as they were when Han met his end in The Force Awakens.

We’ll find out what happens to the Falcon, Lando, and the rest of the crew when Star Wars: Episode IX premiers this December.

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