Sony Pictures is cementing their 2020 slate, locking in release dates for the newest installments of their biggest franchises. Jason Reitman’s Ghostbusters sequel and Morbius have both been set for Summer 2020 and Venom 2 looks like it’s headed for an October 2020 debut.

The Ghostbusters sequel will hit theaters on July 10, 2020. The surprise resurrection of the comedy franchise was announced with the news that Jason Reitman, son of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 director Ivan Reitman, will direct and co-write. The new sequel will be tied to the original two films and will have nothing to do with the Paul Feig 2016 film. A teaser trailer was released the day after the announcement.

Morbius is the next installation of Sony’s Spiderverse and will be coming to theaters on July 31, 2020. Jared Leto will star as the titular character and Adria Arjona will play Morbius’ fiancee, Martine Bancroft.

For those of you keeping score: Morbius is a Marvel character who made his debut in a Spider-Man comic. Sony still owns the film rights to Spider-Man but a partnership with Disney/Marvel is what allows the friendly neighborhood webslinger to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sony has gone on to establish their own Spiderverse using characters that fall under the Spidey stable, such as Venom.

Venom 2 still doesn’t have a confirmed release date but it’s worth noting that Sony has a October 2, 2020 slot reserved for a Marvel film. Deadline believes that the Venom sequel is destined for that weekend, especially since the first Venom film was also released on the first weekend of October.