Bandai Namco announces the opening of Jump Force open beta for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Open beta begins January 18 and ends on January 20th. Player get to play with one of 17 characters from a wide selection of popular anime, characters like Monkey D Luffy, Himura Kenshin, Vegeta, Sasuke, Gon, Goku, and many more.

Put two teams of 3 against each other in the one of the many amazing 3D arenas featuring famous and iconic places from around the world and from the greatest of anime. Fight with friends in Hong Kong with as goku or sasuke, or fight among fellow hidden leaf in konohana village as Naruto, you could even get into a heat fight in the streets of New York as Pegasus seiya, the sky’s the limit.

Get creative and bring your wildest dreams alive with your some of your most wanted crossovers. And get ready for the new feature, you can now build your fighter from scratch. Using a Variety of options make Jump Force a customized experience for you and your friends

Look forward for the Jump Force open beta sessions starting as listed below:

Session #1: January 18- 7:00 am est to 10:00 am est

Session #2: January 19- 12:00 am est to 3:00am est

Session #3: January 19- 11:00 pm est to 2:00 pm est

Session #4: January 20- 3:00 pm est to 6:00 pm est