All the way back in May of last year, we posted an article of who should be appearing in the forth-coming He-Man and the Masters of the Universe movie. Now, Collider reports that Art Marcum and Matt Holloway have been selected to write the script for the Man movie. These two authors wrote the original Ironman, Transformers: The Last Knight, and Punisher: War Zone.

I do not know that those last two titles give the script much hope, but Ironman surely does. This would suggest creators are wanting a light-hearted, maybe even a bit snarky style film. That could surely work within the He-Man universe.

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Phantom Realities

IMDB currently has He-Man listed as a December 2019 release date. Given there is no script, director or cast, I’d say it is a safe bet the movie will not hit this release date. In fact He-Man is one of the phantom projects that has haunted Hollywood for decades. He-Man, along with franchises like Thundercats and The Crow (which is now officially dead), have been rumored for production for decades. Directors are assigned. Scripts are written, yet every single attempt ends up DOA. I am not sure He-Man has reached the point where it is guaranteed to happen.

Hollywood needs to pick what they want and go with. If they want a kids movie to sell toys, stick to cartoons or straight to DVD releases. If they want to make a quality movie that adults will love, as well and become the next big franchise, they need to put the effort into it and GO with it. Quit Hemming and hawing.

I think Hollywood is too out of touch and too unwilling to take risks. The Thundercats was rumored for the big screen for ages. Instead a cartoon was released back in 2011 that was absolutely incredible! It lasted one season as it was not selling enough toys. Now in 2019 Cartoon Network is releasing Thundercats Roar that looks like an absolute travesty and sacrilegious parody to what came before.

He-Man should be brilliant and an easy franchise launcher. The problem is I do not trust Hollywood to do it correctly, and given where it is in pre-production currently, I don’t foresee this He-Man version being released any time soon – if ever.

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