Back on New Year’s Eve, Production Weekly revealed that the untitled Cassian Andor series for Disney+ would begin shooting in October of this year and in a recent issue, provided additional specifics about the shooting schedule and what the show will be about.

We’ve now learned the entire production timeline for the live-action Star Wars series thanks to new information in a recent issue of Production Weekly. As always, these dates are tentative and often shift a few days one way or the other, but currently, Disney+ is planning an extensive shoot with production kicking off on October 28, 2019 and wrapping on June 17, 2020. One would certainly think that there would be a holiday break or two in there somewhere that would be responsible for the extended production schedule, but the October start date is close to the same date that The Mandalorian began filming, so we’ll have a better idea of how things will shake out once that series wraps.

In addition to the production timeline this brief synopsis for the production was also revealed:

The “Rogue One” prequel will unfold in the early years of the Rebellion and is described as a “rousing spy thriller.” Diego Luna will reprise his role as rebel spy Cassian Andor, the cocky daredevil who helped steal the Death Star plans in the hit 2016 movie.

The series was first announced by Bob Iger during a November conference call with Disney shareholders. At this time no release date has been set for either of the live-action Star Wars series. Stay tuned to That Hashtag Show for more on this story as it develops.