Is this Iron Man’s New Suit?

This image showed up a few days ago on Instagram, the caption reads:

skull101ify: BREAKING: Avengers: End Game new Iron Man Armor inspired by the Mark 2 from the comics!

The thing is, this image actually popped up on Reddit a few months ago. The poster, Derpston_P_Derp, states that he ‘took the Mark L Hot Toys figure and put some of the unblurred parts of the leaked concept art, and photoshopped it all to match. Here’s a comparison between the blurred image and my own version’. He also posted a comparison of the blurred image and his work.

Iron Man Concept - Avengers 4

So the question is, where did the blurred image come from? A reverse image search on google doesn’t turn up any results and if you look at Iron Man’s right foot in the blurred image on the left, there appears to be a signature of some kind.

So, was that original image concept art or is this just elaborate fan art designed to make us think it came from someplace official? It’s hard to say, I’ll leave that determination up to you guys. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

But, since we’re on the topic of fan art, I’m going to share a cool image I found while doing my research that appears to take influences from the same place, check it out and enjoy.