Back in 1990, Nicolas Cage was set to star in the follow up to Superman IV: The Quest For Peace entitled Superman Lives! The film never actually came into fruition and has left many speculating as to what it could have been.

The full suit for Nicolas Cage’s version of Superman has been officially brought out from the Warner Bros Archives to be put on display for the first time for the public to see.

The suit is surprisingly very bright and colourful and actually appears to be share a resemblance to the original suit worn by Christopher Reeve but a little bit more updated for the modern audiences at the time.

Superman Lives! was originally supposed to release in the early 90s and would have been directed by Tim Burton. With that information alone, we are sure that this would have been an extremely interesting and fresh take on the Man Of Steel.

If you would like to know more about the mystery behind the film then be sure to check out the documentary made by Kevin Smith and the late Jon Schnepp entitled: The Death Of Superman Lives! What Happened. It’s an excellent documentary that details the backstory of how the film was created and was ultimately cancelled.

Would you have liked to have seen this movie come to our screens or do you feel the cancellation was for the best?