Netflix has shocked fans with the recent cancellations of Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil. These 3 cancellations will spell doom for Jessica Jones once it’s 3rd season premieres sometime next year on Netflix. But it’s seeming like Disney+ will not be able to save any of the shows for at 2 years.

A new report from Variety says that because of a clause in the contracts, the shows won’t be able to appear in any non-Netflix film or show for at least 2 years. This already means Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Iron Fist won’t be able to appear in anything until 2020. As for Jessica Jones, if it gets canceled next year, she can’t appear in anything until 2021.

The Punisher isn’t apart of the Defenders, so if that gets canceled, then the character could show up in shows and films probably starting in 2020. But with this timeframe, the likelihood of The Defenders coming back for another season is slim to none.

Even if these characters can show up in shows and movies in 2 years, it has already been mentioned that Disney+ isn’t going to having anything mature on the service. The best option could be put the shows on Hulu, because Marvel’s Runaways streams on there, and it is a Hulu exclusive. But we won’t what is going to happen for a while.