With new technologies come new responsibilities.  The Mandalorian has reportedly been using some new technology that allows directors to see special effects while filming instead of having to send the shots off for post production.  It cuts time and saves money, giving television shows movie quality effects for less.  Because of this new rendering tech, according to Makingstarwars.net, Sabine’s helmet has been spotted on the screens of this new equipment.

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How possible is this rumor?  Fairly, actually. First off, we will most likely see dozens of Mandalorian helmets with all sorts of colors and designs.  Sabine’s helmet is very unique from the other designs we have seen so far.  I have little doubt that the helmet seen was in fact Sabine’s.  She had a flare and design that stood out as unique in both color and style.

Sabine Wren to Appear in The Mandalorian?

Dave Filoni is directing the premiere episode.  Who better to bring Sabine to the real world than Filoni?  Dave has been the Shepard of Mandalorian story telling going all the way back the The Clone Wars.  He would know exactly how all of this would fit in to the time line.

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Speaking of time line, could this in fact work?  If Sabine can appear in The Mandalorian, does that mean she has yet to leave with Ahsoka to go after Ezra and Thrawn?  Or could this be after they have returned from the rescue mission?  The Rebels epilogue is very vague.  It only specifies that Sabine and Ahsoka leave post Ep VI and the destruction of the Deathstar.  Our understanding of The Mandalorian is no more specific, yet has the same description – post Empire; However, the safe bet would be this takes place before or at the same time as her departure.


Sabine Wren as she appeared in the ‘Rebel’s series finale. (Image: Disney)

We also do not know the size of this role.  Makingstarwars.net is stating the helmet is hers, so her appearance is not the question – simply the manner of its use.  Sabine could appear in person, but from the known cast we do not have an actress that would fit her character.  Then again all we have seen so far is a helmet on a screen.  It could be a transmission and cameo in the show.  Perhaps her words are what motivates our protagonist, played by Pedro Pascal, to take action and begin his journey.