Who would win John Cena or a Shark? While the question may be up for debate, we do know that John Cena will be hosting this year’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. That’s right Shark Week and promised to be bigger than ever. You will be able to catch Cena and all of Shark Week starting July 7, 2024, on the Discovery Channel. You can check out the official details below.


Thrilling encounters with apex predators, epic deep-sea expeditions, and weighty concerns about the poop from the fattest white sharks patrolling the waters are just a few of the extraordinary stories that will emerge during Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, beginning Sunday, July 7 at 8PM ET/PT. Host John Cena will guide viewers through 21 hours of new programming and preview each night’s top moments alongside interviews with fan favorite shark experts.  

“I usually do Shark Week from my couch – with lots of snacks, but this year I’m beyond excited to host the week dedicated to the endlessly fascinating, action heroes of the Ocean,” said John Cena. “It’s a wild week of shocking new footage, new discoveries, and lots and lots of teeth.” 

John Cena To Host Shark Week

The highly anticipated annual week-long celebration of sharks will include the next chapter of the hit show Belly of the Beast, that offers a terrifying and fascinating real look at a Great White shark feeding frenzy; Monster Hammerheads: Species X, that follows a potential new hammerhead species; and Great White Serial Killer: Sea of Blood, that investigates a massive shark who decapitates its victim and terrorizes a local village. 

Warner Bros. Discovery’s linear and streaming portfolio – including Food Network, HGTV, ID, TBS, TNT, TCM, TLC, CNN and Max – will air Shark Week-inspired content or cross-promote the event. 

For the full programming slate, please visit sharkweek.com.


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Source: Discovery Channel