A month ago we revealed the very-hard-to-crack character breakdowns for Marvel Studios Black Widow solo film. At the time we indicated that we believed the casting process had begun and that it wouldn’t be too long before we started to hear some rumblings. With the holiday season approaching, Hollywood is prepping for a two week shut down; in recent years, the two weeks leading up to that break has tended to be a busy time with studios trying to close deals in order to have things in place for the new year. Marvel Studios is no different and we’ve gotten word that confirms our suspicions from our original report: the casting process for Black Widow has begun!

While we cannot report names at this stage in the process, we are able to say that Marvel Studios has been meeting with a small group of select actresses for the “female contemporary” role. In our original report, we described this character as “kick ass female bond” capable of speaking multiple languages. Obviously the role seems to be another spy, which means we can’t be sure if it’s someone who’s going to aid Nat in the film or someone who’s going to be in her way. We can only speculate on just who this character may turn out to be and we’ve already done it, so we won’t go down that road again.

The studios is keeping these roles and these meetings with the talent very close to the vest for the time being. As I mentioned, we’re not able to make public any further information about the actresses, but we’re keeping our ear to the ground and hope to be able to bring you further news in the near future. At the very least, it’s another indication that Black Widow is on track for a start to production early next year and a May 2020 release, as we reported in October.  Stay tuned to that Hashtag Show for more on this story as it develops.