The lightning-fast mine launching scout vehicle sharpens up the competition in Lucid Games’ vehicle combat MOBA

 Switchblade, Lucid Games’ team based vehicle action MOBA, welcomes a brand new car to the battle arena today in the form of The Porcupine – the all new scout vehicle with a prickly disposition.The Porcupine is the fourth vehicle to join Switchblade’s Scout vehicle class and the seventeenth vehicle overall. Renowned for their speed and impressive secondary abilities, scouts are masters of disruption and surprise and The Porcupine is no different.

Like all vehicles in Switchblade, The Porcupine has 4 special abilities:
  1. Main Weapon – Striker – A military grade laser weapon effective against Hull and Shield.
  2. Primary Ability – Thunder Mines – Drops a row of micro storms that deal damage and apply a steering lock.
  3. Secondary Ability – Overdrive – Boosts the speed of nearby friendly vehicles and Mobs.
  4. Super Weapon – Lockdown Storm – Locks nearby enemies in place and disables their abilities.

In addition to Scout, there are 4 other vehicle classes in SwitchbladeArmored, ArtilleryFighter and Tank, each delivering their own unique strategies on the battlefield. Gamers can head over to Switchblade’s official Discord channel now to join other players, build the ultimate squad and take The Porcupine for a spin.Switchblade sees two teams compete in a frantic 5v5 arena-style battle, where players are able to switch seamlessly between heavily armed sci-fi vehicles and must work together to take down enemy towers. The game is currently in Early Access on Steam PC and PlayStation®4.