Walt Disney Animation Studio’s Ralph Breaks The Internet, the sequel to 2012’s Wreck-It Ralph, has tracking to get $85.6 million on it’s opening weekend. That puts it as the 2nd best Thanksgiving open for Disney ever. It falls behind Frozen, which grossed over $93.5 million it’s opening weekend.

Ralph Breaks The Internet does get ahead of Moana, which grossed $82 million it’s opening weekend, Pixar’s Toy Story, which made $80.1 million it’s opening weekend, and Pixar’s Coco, which brought in $72.9 million last Thanksgiving weekend.

The film earned $21.7 million on Friday, and and that’s while it’s on it’s way to a projected $50.5 million 3 day weekend. And that’s just ahead of Wreck-It Ralph. The original film had grossed over $49 in it’s 3 day opening weekend, and went on to make a worldwide total of $471.2 million, and $189.4 million domestically.

Wreck-It Ralph’s opening of $49 million was the previous opening high for a Disney film before Frozen came out. And once Frozen released in 2013, it went on to smash all of the records with a total of $67.4 million for the 3 day weekend, and a total of $93.9 for the 5 day weekend.

Now, while Ralph Breaks The Internet probably won’t set any box office milestones, the film’s success couples with Creed 2 making $56 million for the 5 day weekend, which is the best opening for a live-action film, is helping to make 2018 the best Thanksgiving weekend for the box office. This also includes Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald, which made $42.1 million, and Illumination’s Dr. Suess’ The Grinch, which made $40.4 million. The total for the Thanksgiving weekend box office will be coming in at around $306 million, which tops the $295 million made back in 2013.