Power Rangers Beast Morphers is premiering February 2019, and thanks to the show’s official IMDb page, we may have the identity of another cast member.

The IMDb page shows that Kevin Copeland has been cast to play Mayor Daniels. Now prior to this, we didn’t have any additional information about any other cast members, so this is an interesting casting. As for the description of this character, there is nothing about him just yet.

Now, this casting could signal 1 out of 2 things:

1- This character ends up also being a villain


2- This character could also be working with the Ranger team

The casting does seem like it could be real, however, it is just a rumor, so I would take this with a grain of salt until anything is confirmed. More information about the show should be revealed in the next month or so, and a full trailer should be getting released as well.