The identity of the new green ranger is revealed! After months of anticipation and speculation, we meet our new hero face to face! I’m not going to ruin it straight off there is a lot in this issue to go thru before I spill the tea!

Zordon gets FIRED!

Back on Eltar some 10000 years ago, Zordon and The Supreme Guardian are sparring. The Supreme Guardian starts laughing about how naive Zordon tried some local delicacies and regretted it later. Upon hearing that news he decides to dismiss Zordon from his duties. Only to promote him his successor! Much to Zordon’s shock, he questioned it! The Supreme Guardian proved his point at why the young guardian would make a worthy successor.

Meanwhile in the Present

The Rangers have totally underestimated the power of Putty Prime! Rocky being cocky thought it was a dis pitting the rangers against an overgrown putty. Apparently, in just a few pages since the last issue, all the rangers forgot these putties were infused with chaos energy. The Prime Putty is keeping the ranges on the ropes even anticipating the Megazord’s every move, with help from Zedd. Out of the blue, the redesigned Dragonzord shows up to assist! The Thunder Megazord is being overrun by chaos putties. The White and Green ranger’s respective Megazords get blasted from on high by Zedd. At that point of inevitable doom, Zordon’s rangers are teleported back to the command center. A huge bubble shrouds the city trapping many including the Green Ranger inside.

Back at the command center, the rangers thank both Zordon and Alpha 5 say that was a close call. But they both say they had nothing to do with it. Off to the side, you see Candice, Skull’s girlfriend, transform and announce herself as Zelya of Eltar. The rangers are a gasp with this revelation and Zordon was unaware that Earth was under “Supervision”. She’s under orders to make sure the Rangers were protected at all cost as the 3rd Eltarian Waris upon us.

Green Ranger – Transmission of Hope

Scattered across the airwaves comes a signal from inside the dome of energy from Zedd. It’s the Green Ranger talking to all who will listen. He’s trying to keep a positive attitude about the current situation. But he himself even says that he’s a bit scared of what’s to come. So he decides to take his mask off on-camera in front of everyone!

Ladies and Gentlemen the New Green Ranger is Matthew Cook

This in and of itself is a huge reveal in the comics as he is the first ranger to openly reveal his identity. This is going to have lasting effects on our story and how will it affect our team? Is this his agenda to reveal the rangers? Guess we will have to wait to find out.

Unmasked Covers

Are you surprised that Matt is the Green Ranger? Are you disappointed that its not Drakkon like some thought let us know!

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