As we lead into Survivor Series we were treated with a great ending to Raw. For the go-home edition of Monday Night Raw we were all expecting some Smackdown Live! shenanigans but as chaos ensued from the Women’s Division, Smackdown’s Woman’s Champion Becky Lynch came out looking like a bonafide superstar.

After Alexa Bliss revealed the Raw’s Women’s team, which included Natalya, Nia Jax, Tamina, Mickey James, and Ruby Riot we saw Rhonda Rousey attacked in the locker room with the Irish Lasskicker hooking on the Disarm-her. Soon after, she made her way to the ring, showing no fear from Raw’s women.

As Lynch strolled to the ring Smackdown’s women made a surprise attack and all hell broke loose with Smackdown getting the better of Raw, but Lynch was left a bloody mess with her head held high. This is the Becky Lynch we’ve always wanted to see. ‘The Man’ is emerging as the biggest breakout star of 2018 and it all feels organic, probably because it is. In a match with the baddest Woman on the planet Lynch does not feel like the underdog and that’s good. Here’s to hoping the the Irish Lasskicker can pick up the victory, letting her legend grow even bigger.