If like us, you’re ready to exchange the chaos of the 2020s for the speak-easy allure of the roaring 1920s, then Hollywood, CA, might be your next go-to destination. That’s because a weird, wacky, yet sensual new freak show has just arrived, and it might just be the kind of phantasmagoria that we need to forget the chaos of the past few years while drumming up memories of a bygone era. The roaring 20s – but with a little something wicked!

From the folks who brought us BeetleHouse LA (where every day is Halloween) comes KARNEVIL, a brand-new, fully immersive dinner and show experience with sword swallowers, contortionists, aerial acrobats, beautiful burlesque, scary clowns, and all kinds of nightmare-adjacent performers who are macabre enough to be spooky, but sexy enough to take the edge off. It’s a brand they like to call “crazy, sexy, scary,” and it’s just plain fun. 

The theme is pure 1920s steam circus, but with a dash of American Horror Story and a smattering of Cirque du Soleil. It’s more fun than scary, with enough high-end treats to keep even the most discerning foodie happy, and enough Instagram-worthy drinks to keep even the Kardashians busy. 

Admission to the show includes two food plates and a cocktail, but you can always upgrade or pay ale cart. Prices for individual drinks or food plates average between $12 and $20. Reservations are encouraged.

The performances were top-notch: We saw performers juggle fire, squeeze through tiny metal rings, swing and spin from drapes, balance chairs on their heads, hang from a suspended birdcage, and even spray sparks from an electric saw hitting her own costume. It was a circus, but without animals. 

Food At Karnevil Hollywood

Let’s talk about the food and drinks. In a word: Wow. We weren’t expecting this level of cuisine or drinks this heavily themed. Here’s some of what we tasted:


Mac n Cheese is a staple we never get tired of, but here they add in crispy truffled lobster and the result is something that kept us begging for more. And more. (And more!). 


If you had offered me a chicken lollipop before Karnevil, I would have respectfully declined. Because let’s face it—it sounds like a nausea-inducing concoction dreamt up by some kid on a boring afternoon. But Karnevil’s Cotton Chicken Lolli’s are so much better than any schoolkid’s meanderings. It’s black truffle bbq chicken with candy sprinkles and topped off with cotton candy. It may have been dreamt up in the mind of a child, but it’s been perfected in the hands of an award-winning culinary team. Don’t miss the Lolli’s!


These ain’t your grandma’s corndogs (but we bet she’d love ‘em!). In keeping with the circus theme, we had to try the corndogs, albeit of a gourmet variety. These are Wagyu beef hot dogs dipped in funnel cake batter and topped with strawberry jalapeno ketchup and Champagne Mustard. Elevating “carnival food” to this level felt kinda like eating chicken nuggets off of fine China plates—as a matter of fact, they WERE served on what appeared to be fine China plates. Not that we noticed…we just licked our fingers and asked for more.


And since we’re talking about carnival food (correction: “Karn-evil” food), let’s mention the Kettle Corn Cocktail. Although it may bring to mind the classic Old Fashion, it’s a bit different: It has Kettle Corn infused Gin (tasty!), Pomegranate juice, and a dash of orange blossom water. Then it’s topped off with Kettle corn and edible flowers. 

For more information on their menu, and to make reservations, make sure to check out the Karnevilla.com web site.

Make your reservation to Karnevil soon… because something this wicked can’t be missed. 

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