After Seth Rollins and his brother in arms, Dean Ambrose won the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships from Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre on the night that Roman Reign announced he had leukemia, Rollins was immediately betrayed by his former stablemate. Many of us were wondering how the championship situation was going to be handled. Were they going to pull a Sting vs. Giant scenario?C’mon, you guys remember that garbage, I know you do. Or, was this going to be more like ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels?

It looks like we got our answer last night on Monday Night Raw. Seth Rollins come out with both Tag Team Titles and Baron Corbin, the acting General Manager, had Rollins face the former NXT Tag Team Champions, The Authors of Pain with or without a partner. The match was a handicap match with Rollins taking the loss and the A.O.P. getting their first run as WWE Raw Tag Team Champions.

It’s no secret that the A.O.P. are management’s favorite Team on Raw. Recently, they’ve been dominate over the Ascension and the recently thrown together team of Bobby Roode and Chad Gable. We’re hoping that the A.O.P. can jumpstart the tag division and we can see credible contenders take a shot at the monster team. Remember guys, The Revival are still on the roster and totally under utilized. Next Monday we’ll see who the A.O.P. trample over first.