The Super Ninja Steel Christmas episode is coming up soon, and 2 more characters from Dino Charge are coming back to fight the Ninja Steel Rangers.

As we have revealed, Yoshi Sudarso is going to be coming back for the episode. But we also know who the villain of the episode is as well. As fans noticed in this season’s premiere, Sledge and Poisandra were in it, but only for a little bit. That left fans wondering if they would be coming.

Well, now that we know Koda is coming back, it only makes sense that Sledge and Poisandra are returning as well. This Christmas episode definitely sounds like it won’t be just another clip show. From the sounds of it, it will be an original episode.

The episode will be revolving around Preston, since Brody and the other Rangers will be taken hostage. One of the other things happening in the episode is that, yes Sledge and Poisandra are coming back, and they will be taking over Madame Odius’ ship to broadcast “The Poisy Show.”

This episode definitely sounds like it will be incredible. And with Yoshi being included, the episode will be really awesome to watch, specifically for the Preston and Koda team-up.