Black Lightning officially joined The CW family earlier this year as the network’s 5th (6th if you count Vertigo property iZombie) DC Comics drama. After an electrifying first season, it was clear to everyone that Black Lightning is here to stay and production on Season 2 has already begun in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this week.

As the second season is underway with filming, we at That Hashtag Show have some new exciting characters to tell you about as they will be recurring throughout the second year. First up we have “Perenna”, an open ethnicity role who is somewhere between her 40s-50s. “Perenna” is a therapist who is a metahuman with telepathic powers. Her story revolves heavily around Jennifer Pierce as she will be trying to help the young Pierce daughter to understand her powers better, both physically and emotionally. “Perenna” doesn’t let any feelings or situations scare her off, so expect her to be a power player.

Next up we have “Zlovac”, a Caucasian man in his 30s who will be teaming up with the big bad Tobias Whale. Working as a real estate developer, “Zlovac” isn’t afraid to get violent when it comes to payback. “Zlovac” was born somewhere in Eastern Europe and has a lot of experiences in his toolbox as a money launderer as well as being slick within business.

These next three roles were briefly teased earlier in the week by TV Line, “Major Lowry”, “Dr. Jace”, as well as a new love interest for Anissa Pierce, and we at That Hashtag Show are here to expand upon these three roles.

Starting with “Major Lowry”, which is for a male of any ethnicity between the age of 35-50. He is a big deal for one simple reason which is that he is the new principal of Garfield High School! This smart and brave individual isn’t going to have any problem with taking over for Jefferson.

This next character is one who may be based on a DC character with the same name: “Dr. Jace”, who is potentially a version of Helga Race as TV Line predicts. “Dr. Jace” is a 40-something Caucasian woman who is incredibly smart and works as a computational chemist. Our heroes will have to make sure to watch out for this highly manipulative baddie who may or may not be a sociopath. This chemist is possibly focusing more on the ends as opposed to the means.

Last, but not least we have “Zoe B” who may or may not get #ThunderGrace fans a little concerned. Open for any ethnicity, this 20-something young woman is social media savvy filled with confidence and edge. But the big deal about her is that she will be a new love-interest for Anissa! Will Anissa get into a triangle with Grace and “Zoe B” in Season 2? Only time will tell, as we have yet to hear if Chantal Thuy will be back as Grace Choi. One other important thing to know about “Zoe B” though is that she isn’t necessarily looking for a relationship, so…read into that what you will.

Those are the new roles that are being cast for Black Lightning Season 2 and as we now know, the cast and creative team will be at San Diego Comic-Con in mid-July so hopefully by then, we will know who is playing these characters. But in the meantime, let us know in the comments below what you think about these new characters! Could some of them be code names for DC characters that will appear in Season 2? Be sure to stay tuned here at That Hashtag Show for everything trending in geek pop culture!