EXCLUSIVE: Kumail Nanjiani has officially joined the cast of Sony’s Men In Black reboot. That Hashtag Show also confirms he will be playing the role of the alien sidekick, PAWNY.

Back in early June we reported Kumail Nanjiani was offered a starring role in Sony’s Men In Black reboot. He would be playing the role of Pawny, a funny, wise-cracking, sex-driven alien from a civilization that exists on a Chessboard. According to our source, Kumail has accepted the offer and will be joining Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson and Liam Neeson this summer to begin shooting.

After earning his first Academy Award nomination for co-writing The Big Sick, a film loosely based on his life, Kumail Nanjiani has been one of the hottest names in Hollywood. His comedic timing and unique voice make him a perfect addition for this Men in Black universe, especially as an alien.

Sony’s reboot will feature all new characters rather than Agents K and J, portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, and will build on the contemporary sci-fi world in which they operated.

The film will feature Hemsworth playing Agent H, a suave but slightly goofy James Bond-esque British MIB agent. It will also co-star Tessa Thompson playing Molly, a young woman who knows that alien exists and is determined to become a MIB agent.

F. Gary Gray, who most recently directed The Fate of the Furious, is locked in to direct the intergalactic adventure. The script, penned by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, is set within the same universe as the previous films, but puts a contemporary spin on the franchise that captures things on a more global scale. Steven Spielberg is executive producing the film set to come out in the Summer of 2019.

The Men In Black cast is coming together quite nicely and Kumail Nanjiani’s addition might be the cherry on top.