Supergirl is getting closer to finishing its third season on The CW as the Girl of Steel’s war with Reign is getting more and more intense. While Season 3 is set to end next month, That Hashtag Show already has some juicy details on Season 4 that will join Greg Berlanti’s DC lineup once again this fall.

While these names could potentially be cover names for possible DC characters, we’ll leave the prediction part for you guys. Starting off, and this is going to be big for Season 4 as the CW drama is introducing a transgender character whose name is “Nia Nal” who is described as a trans woman somewhere in her early 20s and this role is for any ethnicity. She is filled with confidence and after having worked as writing speeches related to politics, she is now joining the Cat Co family as one of their latest journalists. Think of her as a young Cat Grant, who was played by Calista Flockhart, as “Nia” brings a lot of lovely humor to the table. But underneath “Nia’s” personality, lies a deep woman who makes it clear that she has a lot to offer to this world.

This will mark as the first time any comic book television series features a transgender character as reported by Based on the description, Nia will most likely play a big role in the Kara Danvers side of Supergirl’s life. Next up is a potential antagonist, but not necessarily the big bad of the fourth season of Supergirl. Simply named “Ben”, the show is looking for a Caucasian actor in his 40s to play a businessman whose success has burned down to the ground. Blaming others for his failure and not having his back, he is now making it his life goal to correct those wrongs. Be careful of his dangerous ability to persuade people as he has no problem using that as a method to accomplish his goals. Interesting enough, he is teased as a Michael Shannon type.

Remember Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar) who sort of came and went this season? “Ben” may be taking over that position as one of the side-villains for the season. Next up, is another big female character who will most likely become an ally for the Last Daughter of Krypton from the military side. “Colonel Haley” is a woman in her mid to late 40s who the show is looking to cast a diverse actress for the role. Her actions make it clear that she is someone you don’t want to mess with, without her having to say a word. She is loyal to her commanding officer as well as her country by making sure she puts its best interest ahead of her own.

We’ve not seen Jenna Dewan’s Lucy Lane since Season 1, along with her father General Lane (Glenn Morshower), after the series moved to The CW. Because of that, Colonel Haley will definitely take over for them as the military connection for the Girl of Steel. Last, but not the least we have this mysterious character who we do have a DC speculation for! Season 4 is looking to add a British actor of any ethnicity in his 20s-30s in the role of “Chester Green”, who could bring a sword to a gun fight and yet end up victorious. He has a dark background that has now put a heavy burden on his shoulders. In missions, however, his charm is so strong that it ends up helping him avoid the brutality of the situation.

While “Chester Green” may or may not an original character, there is one potential DC character that he may be. Despite being an obscure one, the description fits the character of Manchester Black, a British antihero who has taken villainous turns in the comic lore. The only other time he has appeared in media was in the Superman vs. The Elite animated movie, voiced by Robin Atkin Downes.

Even though the description doesn’t mention any powers, in the comics Manchester has telekinesis and telepathy. It remains to be seen if the TV version will have it, should this indeed be Manchester. But only time will tell who any of these four characters are. At least we know now that they’re actively shaping the fourth season already as they will kick off filming this summer with the rest of the CW’s DC slate.

Hopefully, at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, we’ll learn who these characters will be played by and more specifics on what roles they’ll play in Season 4 of Supergirl. The Season 3 finale is set to air on Monday, June 18 that will most likely end with quite the bang.

But in the meantime, let us know in the comments below who you think these mystery characters may be? Be sure to stay tuned here at That Hashtag Show for everything trending in geek pop culture!