Hey everybody, have you heard the news? Joe Bob is back in town. This week, us Mutants went back to school as Joe Bob and Darcy helped us learn about theoretical physics. All with the help of this week’s movie, the movie showed was Donnie Darko.

If you’re unfamiliar, every second week on The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs; the former Monstervision host and his co-host Darcy The Mail Girl feature a movie that sometimes has a timely theme (although, it’s not always necessary).

Time To Go To The Joe Bob Briggs School

Much to my pleasure, we got a guest on this week’s episode! Sure, it wasn’t Jake Gyllenhaal, but they brought on Bob Berney. A film executive who was responsible for marketing Donnie Darko. Bob had great insights and it was interesting to hear him speak, not just on the film but on film and his career in general.

The movie itself is Donnie Darko. It’s a cult favorite and a movie that transcends Drive-In culture (even if it was prominently shown in many Drive-In theatres). It was a teenager and college dorm room staple for many years. Everyone of that age knows of someone who was a tad too into the movie.

As with all the best episodes of The Last Drive-In, what was great was that you gained an appreciation for the movie shown. In the case of Donnie Darko, the movie is often dense and can feel (to many) unsatisfying. Luckily, Joe Bob, Darcy, and Bob did a great job of highlighting the strengths of the movie and explaining some parts of the plot that seemed confusing.

It’s also admittingly great to see any movie with Patrick Swayze in it, and on The Last Drive-In, no less.


Donnie Darko is such a quintessential movie of the early to mid-2000s that it feels perfect for examination and discussion on the show. Instantly, I saw social media and online chats light up with people excited to see this film discussed, and it was great to see fans of the film also check out the show as it was showing their favorite film. It all truly highlighted the best parts of the show and why many of us love it so much.

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