Get ready to see Edgar Wright join forces with Sydney Sweeney on a new movie. The actress is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood right now and she’s been on board with a remake of Barbarella for a while now. Now though, Deadline is reporting that Edgar Wright is in talks to direct the movie.

Jane Goldman and Honey Goldman are in talks to write the screenplay for Sony alongside Edgar Wright.

The film is still in development, but should give time for both creatives to work on their busy schedules. Sweeney has one of the busiest upcoming schedules in Hollywood as studios scramble to get the actress in big tentpole movies. Edgar Wright has an upcoming reboot of The Running Man with Glen Powell. This won’t be the next project for either talent.

Barbarella started off as a French comic book series from Jean-Claude Forest. It was then adapted to the screen in 1968 starring Jane Fonda as the title character. The logline for that film goes like this: “In the 41st century, an astronaut partakes in sexy misadventures while seeking to stop an evil scientist who threatens to bring evil back into the galaxy.”

Sweeney’s most recent movies Anyone But You and Immaculate both overperformed at the box office, with Anyone But You raking in $230 million worldwide on a $30 million budget.

We’ll keep you updated as we get more information about the Barbarella remake with Sydney Sweeney and Edgar Wright.

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Source: Deadline

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