Will Forte has posted an open letter to the cast and crew of Coyote vs. Acme after getting a chance to watch the now-scrapped movie.

Warner Bros. shelved Coyote vs. Acme last year amid heavy rumors that it was written off for tax purposes. Will Forte admits he thought the film would be “a hunk of junk..but then I saw it.”

The Last Man On Earth star described Coyote vs. Acme as “Super funny throughout, visually stunning, sweet, sincere, and emotionally resonant in a very earned way.”

Several distributors reportedly made bids for the live-action-animation hybrid project. According to two sources, Amazon offered $40-$45 million, but Warners rejected it. Warner Bros. Discovery’s recent quarterly report included a mysterious $115 million tax write-off, which many believe is Coyote vs. Acme.

Although the film was presumed dead in the water, Forte’s comments appear to confirm it. Forte wrote on X, “I know that a lot of you haven’t gotten a chance to see our movie. And sadly, it’s looking like you never will.”

He admitted his frustration as being part of something so special,” but the actor admitted, “That quickly turned to confusion and frustration. This was the movie they’re not going to release?”

Forte ended his social media to message with a tribute to all those who worked on the ill-fated film “Please know that all the years and years of hard work, dedication and love that you.”

Other members of the animation industry who have seen the movie have largely reacted positively to it. The LEGO Movie co-director Phil Lord wrote on social media that he felt the film to be a success. Coyote vs Acme is the third movie to be shelved by Warner Bros. after Batgirl and Scoob! Holiday Haunt suffered this same fate.

Based on a comedy article by Ian Frazier for The New Yorker, Coyote vs. Acme would have focused on Wile E. Coyote finally taking the Acme company to court for, after all, their invention backfired on him. The cartoon character would hire a down-and-out lawyer (played by Will Forte) to represent him.

The movie also starred John Cena and Lana Condor in the live-action scenes alongside classic Looney Toons characters.

So, would you still want to see Coyote Vs. Acme?

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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