CRKD (pronounced Cracked) joined the scene with their innovative and acclaimed Nintendo Switch Controller, the Nitro Deck last year. After that, it quickly gained steam for being one of the best Switch accessories to hit the market. Now, they’ve announced the next iteration on the Nitro Deck, the Nitro Deck+.

An ingenious all-in-one controller solution for Nintendo Switch and OLED switch consoles, Nitro Deck delivers zero stick drift and offers a feature-rich, precise way to enjoy Switch gaming in handheld mode. Featuring the same comfortable footprint as the original Nitro Deck, the Nitro Deck+ introduces a raft of new features, designed to make Switch gaming better than ever.

Here are some of the new features of the Nitro Deck+:

Nitro Deck+ features enhanced ergonomics, adjusting the placement of the right thumbstick, and allowing gamers to play in a more intuitive symmetrical fashion. The Nitro Deck+ can now connect directly to a TV with no need for an external dock! Featuring an integrated USB-C output and complete with an included USB-C to HDMI™ adaptor, gamers can switch between handheld and TV play without ever needing to remove their Switch console from Nitro Deck+, a quick, slick solution with no need to compromise!

On the front of the Nitro Deck+ to either side of the thumbsticks, two new ‘Sidekick’ buttons have been added, delivering even more customization options. Designed to work in conjunction with the new symmetrical thumbstick configuration, the Sidekick buttons are pre-programmed to replicate the A and B action button commands, allowing for super-fast operation. Replicating the most commonly used action buttons, facilitating speedier reaction times, and when used in combination with the additional re-mappable back buttons that are now mapped to X, Y, A, B out the box, the Nitro Deck+ allows gamers to play faster, score higher and elevate their handheld experience.

The new easy eject system allows for simple removal of the Switch console from the Nitro Deck+ allowing gamers to safely remove their console with no need to touch or add stress to the screen while removing.

Nitro Deck+ has also received an upgraded, adjustable rumble system, delivering more immersion and intense vibration which can be adjusted to suit the gamers’ preference. In addition, Bluetooth® has also been added to the Nitro Deck+, to allow for easy communication to the CRKD App for firmware updates. In the future, the App will include a full suite of customization options including button programming, adjustable trigger sensitivity, and more. The Nitro Deck + can connect via its defaulted USB-C wired connection or via Bluetooth when the switch is inserted into the deck.

As someone who jumped on the Nitro Deck bandwagon from day 1, I can say it’s easily the best Switch controller/accessory that I’ve used. The Nitro Deck+ is now available for pre-order, available in two colors: Clear Black and Clear White. Both will retail for: $69.99 / €79.99 / £69.99 with early pre-orders expected to begin shipping from late April 2024. Secure yours today at:

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