We’ve known since the beginning that this anime is partially a medieval fantasy political thriller, but Sasaki and Peeps Ep. 7 “Martial and Political Force” takes those genres and runs away with them. All with an isekai flavor that’s a surprise to us in more ways than one. With little Elsa Mueller taking the stage front and center in this episode.

Sasaki and Peeps Ep. 7 “Martial and Political Force”: Details

Sasaki and Peeps NA key visual.
This is the episode where we find out just why Elsa features so prominently in this key visual and in the ending.

Sasaki and Peeps Ep. 7 “Martial and Political Force” is the 7th episode (you can read reviews for Ep. 1Ep. 2Ep. 3Ep. 4Ep. 5, and Ep. 6 here) of this first season of this isekai comedy fantasy anime. Said anime is the anime adaptation of the novel series of the same name by BuncololiSILVER LINK. (Brave WitchesBofuriMy Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!) is the animation studio behind this anime.

Alas, the specific people behind Sasaki and Peeps Ep. 7 “Martial and Political Force” is just as unknown as the previous episodes. However, we do still know that Mirai Minato is the director of Sasaki and Peeps overall. Kousuke AraiShun OoruiAkihiro NaritaShuka NishimaeYukari KuwayamaKenichi TokumuraHayato Kaneko, and Shunichi Uemura all co-produced this anime. Deko Akao is also the overall writer for this anime. Nippon Columbia collectively composed the music of this anime.

Speaking of music: the opening theme song for Sasaki and Peeps as a whole is “Fly” by Madkid. Meanwhile, “Aimai Girl” (曖昧ガール, “Ambiguous Girl”) by Aguri Ōnishi is the ending theme song.

Voice Cast

Sasaki and Peeps Ep. 7 “Martial and Political Force” features the voices of Tomokazu Sugita as Sasaki, Aoi Yūki as Peeps / Pii-chan, Miyu Tomita as Elsa Mueller, Hiroki Yasumoto as Viscount Mueller, and Mitsuo Iwata as Marc. Other notable voice roles in this episode include Daisuke Namikawa as French and Naomi Ōzora as Shizuka Futari.

When and Where to Watch

Sasaki and Peeps Ep. 7 “Martial and Political Force” made its airing and streaming debut on February 16, 2024. You can watch this episode only on Crunchyroll. In fact, you can watch this entire anime only on Crunchyroll for now.

Sasaki and Peeps Ep. 7 “Martial and Political Force”: Synopsis

This thumb and trailer gives you but a taste of just how adorable Peeps/Pii-chan is.

Alas, Sasaki and Peeps is a pretty recent anime. You know, what with it being ongoing and all. In fact, Sasaki and Peeps Ep. 7 “Martial and Political Force” literally just premiered today as of this writing. Thus, you will all get the official synopsis from Crunchyroll for this episode…is what I want to say. However, at the time of this writing, there seems to be a big blank space where the episode’s synopsis would be. So thus, you all will get the official synopsis of the anime as a whole, also from Crunchyroll. You can read that below:

Sasaki is a middle-aged office worker living in Japan. Feeling drained by the vapid corporate world, he heads to the pet shop in search of a new companion. There he finds an adorable bird named Peeps and takes him home. But Sasaki quickly learns that Peeps isn’t your average bird…he’s a powerful mage from another world! Together, they embark on a magical adventure filled with swords and sorcery.

Sasaki and Peeps Ep. 7 “Martial and Political Force”: The Good

Sasaki and Peeps Ep. 7 "Martial and Political Force" screenshot showing Sasaki going into cuteness proximity as he takes photos of a happy Peeps.
Admit it: if you had a bird this cute, you’d be making Sasaki’s face too.

As was the case in all of the previous episodes, the best part of Sasaki and Peeps Ep. 7 “Martial and Political Force” is without a doubt the story. In fact, this entire episode really shows off what an isekai story can achieve with an imaginative author. Buncololi is that kind of author, and thus, we have a story that plays with the isekai genre in the best ways possible.

How so, you might ask? Alas, the exact details are a bit of a spoiler for now. The only thing I feel comfortable to reveal is that this episode reveals that this story is an isekai story that goes both ways. It’s these kinds of isekai stories that make the best isekai, where both worlds end up exploring the other. It’s like how Amphibia is one of the best isekai stories despite it being a Disney series and not even an anime. It really is that good.

The other reason why the story is good is the amazing mix of genres. Sasaki and Peeps initially makes you think that it’s just going to be a comic and silly fantasy story. Then you have episodes like Sasaki and Peeps Ep. 7 “Martial and Political Force”, where they pull the rug out, and reveal that it’s also a dramatic political thriller. It’s this surprising blend of genres that makes this story great too.

Plus, Peeps/Pii-chan is extra adorable in this episode. He goes from happy birb to silly birb in the span of a couple of minutes of screen time. That’s definitely a nice bonus on top of the story.

Sasaki and Peeps Ep. 7 “Martial and Political Force”: The Bad

Sasaki and Peeps Ep. 7 "Martial and Political Force" screenshot showing a frowning Elsa as she's talking to Sasaki.
You can tell by that face that something bad is happening in this episode.

My only complaint about Sasaki and Peeps Ep. 7 “Martial and Political Force” is the same complaint as in previous episodes. I feel like the animation is in need of some buffing to make it a bit better. However, in this particular episode, my complaint is far quieter than in previous episodes. For once, most of the episode is actually of pretty high quality animation, which is kinda hilarious because there’s virtually no action in this episode. I guess without complex action scenes, there’s a noticeable improvement in animation. Thus, this episode combined with its story gets a 100 out of me.

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