No Way Up is a new, fun survivalist shark movie that is actually a really fun time. When we meet our cast of tasty victims they’ll all headed to the Caribbean for their own vacation. However, when birds fly into the engine causing an explosion the pane crashes into the ocean. Then, sinks. As the tattered fuselage endures mounting pressure and inches closer to sinking into the murky depths, the airlocked survivors find themselves in an increasingly dire situation. To make matters worse, hunger-driven sharks have begun feasting on the deceased victims of the crash. Now, these ravenous aquatic predators pose a significant obstacle for the survivors who long for a chance at escape.

So now, we find our survivors stuck in a n airlock in the back on the plane with a decision to make. Do they wait and hope help comes to rescue them or try their luck swimming to the surface?


I’m sure there will be people out there fact checking the plausability of the circumstances of No Way Up. However, I’m not one of them. Instead, I encourage you to approach the film without overthinking and simply enjoy the experience it offers. Don’t think too hard. Just go for the ride! Unlike a lot of other films of this genre, the film does a good job of fleshing out its characters. I knew exactly who every one was, rooted for my favorites, and was glad to see the annoying ones eaten.

No Way Up also plays on my Thalassophobia real well. However, once again, this movie portrays sharks as menacing killers of the deep sea. Understandably, presenting real-life shark behavior would make for a less thrilling watch. I will say I appreciate that these sharks are not Great Whites. While I’m not 100% what they are, I’m guessing Caribbean Reef Sharks from their flat noses, I’m glad this film is branching out.

While No Way Up will not be considered a cinematic masterpiece a la Jaws it’s still pretty entertaining. Make sure to check it out in your local theater or VOD beginning February 16, 2024!

No Way Up is Directed by Claudio Fäh (Hollow Man 2) and written by Andy Mayson (Shark Bait). Starring in the film are Sophie McIntosh (Brave New World), Will Attenborough (Dunkirk), Jeremias Amoore (The Chelsea Detective), Manuel Pacific (Find Me in Paris), Grace NettlePhyllis Logan (Downton Abbey), as well as Colm Meaney (Conair).