While Lisa Frankenstein was well below projected numbers, Argylle kept its number-one spot at the box office.

The Weekend Box Office

As per Box Office Mojo, Argylle was once again in the Number One spot. The movie dropped nearly 63% over its debut but with it being the Super Bowl weekend, it was expected that box office turnout would be low and that was certainly the case here.

Lisa Frankenstein

Lisa Frankenstein was the new movie in theatres this week. The movie was projected to earn $9-$14 Million this weekend; however, it only made $3.8 Million. Which is well below its projected amounts. This a clear sign that both audiences and film critics aren’t responding to this movie in the way Focus Features undoubtedly wanted as the movie is currently ‘Rotten’ on Rotten Tomatoes with 49%.

The upside however is that the movie cost quite a bit less to produce. Compared to Argylle which cost $200 million to produce. Lisa Frankenstein only cost $13 Million to produce. While the movie was short of its projected amounts and will likely still be considered a flop for the studio. It at the very least may prove to be profitable enough.

The Beekeeper held onto the third-place spot. The Chosen dropped 46% from last weekend and fell to the fourth-place spot. Finally, Wonka rounded out the top five.

Next Weekend

Madame Web

Next weekend sees the release of two new movies, Madame Web and Bob Marley: One Love. There’s also the release of new episodes of The Chosen.

It’s worth noting that both movies open mid-week on Wednesday. So instead of a three-day weekend, they’ll have 6 days. Madame Web is projected to make $25 to $35 million and One Love is projected to make $27 to $33 million. It’ll undoubtedly be a close race for the number one spot but I wouldn’t sleep on Sydney Sweeney as she was a big draw for Anyone But You and she’s been promoting the movie on her social media. Even if post-pandemic comic book movies fail to perform generally like they used to, this could be saved by her current popularity.

While it’s anyone’s game for the first place spot, I predict that Madame Web will be in first place, One Love will be in second, and The Chosen will be in third. I would also expect The Beekeeper and Wonka to round out the Top 5.

As always we’ll find out next week!

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