The Tiger’s Apprentice has a fascinating production history. Even at the beginning of its production in the late 2000’s, it was still going to be the film adaptation of the 2003 action-adventure fantasy novel of the same name by Laurence Yep (Golden Mountain Chronicles, Dragon). However, the differences are in the details. Originally, this film was going to be a hybrid live-action and CGI animated film akin to Who Framed Roger Rabbit from Cartoon Network. Alas though, those plans never came to fruition. Indeed, the film basically spent the next decade or so in development hell.

It’s development hell only ended when Paramount acquired the rights to The Tiger’s Apprentice back in March 2019. Well, temporarily. They ended up replacing Carlos Baena (WALL-E animator, Toy Story 3 animator, La Noria) with Raman Hui (Monster Hunt film series) as the director in January 2022 for some reason. Not only that but then COVID-19 hit the world. That little pandemic further delayed its theatrical release. Repeatedly, I might add.

Fortunately, that long development hell is finally ending now. What else do you call it when Paramount+ is finally debuting the official trailer for The Tiger’s Apprentice? Don’t believe me? Then why not check it out below, and see if this is the fantasy martial arts film for yourself?

The Tiger’s Apprentice: Details

I’m getting Marvel vibes from this, but in Chinese-American flavor.

Paramount+ is proud to announce The Tiger’s Apprentice via the official trailer above on YouTube. Said trailer reveals that this final release version of the film is an entirely CG animated film. Completely unlike the original concept, I might add. It also seems that this film takes inspiration from both Marvel superhero films and Chinese martial arts films.

Paramount+ also has an official synopsis for The Tiger’s Apprentice. Basically: to give us a teaser of the plot of this film. As well as give us a voice cast to peruse. You can check that out below:

Based on the popular children’s book series of the same name by Laurence Yep, THE TIGER’S APPRENTICE follows Chinese-American teenager Tom Lee (Soo Hoo), whose life changes forever when he discovers he is part of a long lineage of magical protectors known as the Guardians. With guidance from a mythical tiger named Hu (Golding), Tom trains to take on Loo (Yeoh), a force that is as powerful as a Guardian but with evil intentions to use magic to destroy humanity. To have a fighting chance against Loo, Tom must reunite all twelve Zodiac animal warriors and master his own newly discovered powers. 

Alongside Golding, Soo Hoo, Liu, Oh and Yeoh, the animated adventure features a phenomenal ensemble voice cast that includes Bowen Yang (Saturday Night Live), Leah Lewis (Elemental), Kheng Hua Tan (Crazy Rich Asians), Sherry Cola (Joy Ride), Deborah S. Craig (Meet Cute), Jo Koy (The Monkey King), Greta Lee (Past Lives), Diana Lee Inosanto (The Mandalorian), Patrick Gallagher (Night at the Museum) and Poppy Liu (The Afterparty).

When and Where to Watch

The Tiger's Apprentice key art.
I wonder if our main character here will transform into a tiger kitten?

Paramount+ also gives us an exact date on when we can see this film. According to them: The Tiger’s Apprentice will make its streaming debut on February 2, 2024. As you might guess, this will be a Paramount+ exclusive, so you will need a paid subscription to watch this film.