Bruce Dickinson is known for being outspoken when it comes to heavy metal and especially Iron Maiden’s place in heavy metal. In a new interview with Classic Rock, Dickinson went as far as saying that Iron Maiden was better than Metallica, when he was trying to convince Steve Harris to let him rejoin the band in 1999.

After Blaze Bayley’s tenure in Iron Maiden ended in 1999, Dickinson and Harris sat down to talk after the idea was floated by band manager Rod Smallwood.

“Steve was very suspicious. He said: ‘Why do you wanna come back?’ I actually said, ‘I want to come back, Steve, because, in the words of my mates, “The world needs Iron Maiden” – and secondly I think we can make amazing music.’”

Bruce went on to talk about if he felt that Iron Maiden needed him back.

“Probably. But there was no point in saying that, because it would have sounded like sour grapes. What I said was, ‘We will sweep away the past by doing an amazing future.’

”The first words out of my gobby mouth were, ‘Of course we are better than Metallica!’ People said: ‘You can’t say that.’ I said, ‘I just did!’ Then they started going, ‘Maybe he’s right.’”

From there it was history as Iron Maiden kicked off their reunion with both Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith on the Ed Hunter Tour in 1999, and then released Brave New World in 2000. This current run that Iron Maiden is on, has seen record sales, ticket sales, merchandise sales, and critical acclaim by the truckload.

What Is Iron Maiden Up To In 2024?

Iron Maiden are readying the second leg of their Future Past World Tour in the fall, hitting dates in the US and surrounding areas. Bruce Dickinson is undergoing a solo tour for his upcoming album The Mandrake Project, that includes a comic book and other media tie-ins. It’s a busy year for the Brits, but they’re keeping busy.

Is he right about Iron Maiden being better than Metallica? I’m sure that both bands would have some playful banter about it. At the end of the day, they play pretty radically different styles of heavy metal, and its not really a competition anyway. Both bands were on the bill at Power Trip 2023, with Maiden opening the show, and Metallica closing out the huge American festival.

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Source: Classic Rock

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