As we know, I LOVE Teen Dramas. Throw in a delicious love triangle and I’m all over it. So, when I saw the trailer for the new Netflix Series, My Life with the Walter Boys it felt a little generic, but I was more than willing to watch.

The story centers around Jackie Howard (Nikki Rodriguez), a teenage girl from Manhattan who tragically loses her parents. She is then sent to live with the Walters and their 7 sons in a small town in Colorado. On the surface, this story seems to be the making of the next iconic teen drama. However, the execution falls flat for a few reasons.


Throughout the series, Jackie’s grief is seemingly dismissed, as the focus shifts toward the boy drama. While the intention may have been to delve headfirst into the main storyline, it is important to acknowledge the significance of Jackie’s loss. Losing one’s entire family is an incredibly traumatic experience, and it is understandable that her grief would be overwhelming.

In the love triangle involving Jackie, there are two brothers, Cole and Alex, who have a history of issues with a girl that has caused tension between them. However, this aspect of their past is barely touched upon in the show. Alex, feeling insecure about his effortlessly charming brother, becomes a love bomber out of fear that Jackie will also leave him for Cole. On the other hand, Cole is portrayed as grumpy without apparent reasons.

Don’t get me wrong, I love brooding boys – Damon Salvator, Angel “Angeles” from Buffy, Conrad Fisher – however, they all have significant reasons for their actions. For me, Cole does not. Cole’s motivations are not as clearly defined in the show. This lack of explanation can make it challenging for viewers to fully understand and empathize with his character.

I also believe the casting is off for major characters in My Life with the Walter Boys. And no, it has zero to do with their acting. When it comes to portraying characters, it is important for the actors to visually align with the age of their respective roles. In this case, the noticeable age difference between Nikki Rodriguez, who plays a 15-year-old girl, and Noah LaLonde, who is supposed to be 17-year-old Cole,  looks to be 25. So, I cannot get behind it in any way, shape, or form.

Although I had high hopes for this series, I ultimately found it to be quite average. While my personal experience may not have been entirely satisfying, I do hope that fans of Wattpad and similar platforms have a more enjoyable time with it. Everyone’s preferences and opinions can differ, so others may find more value in the series than I did.