I love Holiday Horror movies. So, when I saw the trailer for Not a Creature was Stirring I was more than excited. The film introduces us to Faith, a nurse and mother, whose daughter seems to be possessed by a mysterious creature. However, when 2 strangers break into their home during a blizzard no one is safe.

Throughout the film, we see Faith and her daughter Charm come to blows over her treatment. You’re left wondering if this is a Munchausen by proxy issue or something more. Fortunately, you quickly come to find out that it’s definitely more.


When it comes to most Holiday Horror movies they lean towards the campy side. A Creature was Stirring does a good job of walking the line. I mean, you cannot when you reveal the creature. However, there is a darker side to the story that the writers/director lean into that feels refreshing.

In the film, Chrissy Metz (This is Us) portrays Faith who grapples with a troubled past intertwined with drug addiction. Faith confesses to having a history of destructive behavior, deriving pleasure from causing harm to others. The movie appears to explore the theme of addiction, with the porcupine-like creature symbolizing the presence of needles. However, it is also possible that I am interpreting the symbolism too deeply.

The practical effects used for the creature in A Creature Was Stirring are highly commendable. Personally, I find it refreshing to witness practical effects rather than relying solely on CGI, and I tend to favor the former. The film successfully combines visceral scares with remarkable practical effects, evoking a range of emotions from fear to disgust.

However, I found myself getting a little lost throughout the film. There are a lot of layers, and characters, including random religious travelers who break into their home. Nothing was fully explained and I was left with more questions than answers by the end. 

You can watch A Creature Was Stirring now in theaters, as well as VOD on December 12, 2023!