Alien is one of the oldest science fiction horror and action franchises in media history. It’s a franchise that first began in 1979, when Ridley Scott’s Alien made its bloody debut in US theaters on May 25 of that year. It continued in the following decades with no less than 6 mainline entries in the film series, with a 7th on the way in the form of Alien: Romulus. Not only that, but then we also have the Alien vs. Predator crossover films, as well a whole bunch of tie-in short films. This doesn’t even count all the video games, comic books, actual books, etc. in the franchise. Now though, it seems that we’ll be getting an addition to that franchise in the form of a prequel series from FX. Even better: that series just snagged Timothy Olyphant for the main cast.

Alien FX Series: Timothy Olyphant Details

Deadline has just revealed that Timothy Olyphant has just signed up for the upcoming Alien prequel series. It seems that Noah Hawley, who is both writing and directing this series for FX, really wants a Western star to be in his show. It’s not even a minor role, in fact. Olyphant will actually star opposite Sydney Chandler in this series. It either makes him a co-star to Chandler, or the main villain of the series. It all depends on what Deadline means by “star opposite”.

Alas, there’s no other solid details about what character Timothy Olyphant will play in this Alien prequel series. It seems that’s something Noah Hawley and FX are keeping under tight wraps for now. Deadline has heard rumors though that Olyphant will play a synth character who goes by the name of Kirsh. Apparently, he will serve as a mentor figure to the character Sydney Chandler is playing: Wendy. Wendy is apparently a meta-human with the body of an adult, but the brain and consciousness of a child, so she definitely needs a mentor figure in her life. Heck, she needs a parental figure too, from the sounds of it.

We’ll just have to see if these rumors bear fruit when we actually see this prequel series. Tune back in to THS for more Alien news when we get it.

Source: Deadline

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