DC Comics has returned us once again to the Christopher Reeve Superman era with Superman ’78: The Metal Curtain. Continuing after the Superman ’78 series this new storyline puts the Man of Steel up against Metallo who wants to see Superman and America destroyed. Created by Robert Venditti, Gavin Guider, and Jordie; Superman ’78: The Metal Curtain #1 is available now at local comic shops. You can check out my thoughts on this issue below.


Superman ’78: The Metal Curtain

This comic opened with the explosion of the planet Krypton. During this explosion, a piece of Kryptonite crashes into a field in the Soviet Union where it is found by a farmer. Now we go to the present time (1978) where we see Lois Lane hiding in a warehouse watching on as an unusual deal takes place with a mysterious person and what appears to be U.S. soldiers. Well, Lois’ cover is blown and the one piece of evidence she had was destroyed. Just when it looks like her ship is about to sink here comes Superman. After this point, if you were looking for much action you might be disappointed. I won’t go into too much you will just have to red the comic.


The Art Of Superman ’78: The Metal Curtain

The team of Gavin Guidry (Artist), Jordie Bellaire (Colorist), and Dave Lanphear (Letterer) did a great job giving us the old Superman feel. You will notice a difference from the first Superman ’78 series. This is because Gavin Guidry took over for The Metal Curtain. The art to me isn’t as detailed as it was in the first series. But Guidry did a good job keeping the characters recognizable giving you that nostalgic feel. There are some cool easter eggs throughout the comic as well. Bellaire did a great job with the colors as they helped set the moon for each panel. The text was easy to follow and did not distract from the art or the story.

My Final Thoughts

Superman ’78: The Metal Curtain #1 was a great start to this 6 issue series. While this issue did not have a lot of action there was enough to keep you entertained. Also just like in the last series, I like how you get that nostalgic feel with the likeness of Christopher Reeve. The story also left you with some questions, like who was that man in the shadows? Could it be Lex Luthor? Like I said earlier the art was simple but detailed enough so you knew what era of Superman we were looking at. The Colors and text were perfect and did not distract from the comic. But if you did read the first series you do notice a difference in the art. The best thing about this comic is that anyone can pick it up and get into it without having to read anything else. Superman ’78: The Metal Curtain #1 is a must-read for any Superman fan.



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Source: DC