John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams made its debut on Peacock earlier this month and it’s already scaring audiences across the world. We got the chance to sit down with Executive Producer Sandy King to talk about the process behind the series. We also chatted about what drew her and John Carpenter to the series, including why he chose to direct the episode he did. It was a fascinating chat with one of the premier producers in the business today. Check out the interview above.

We gave Suburban Screams a 90% in our review, mentioning how real the stories felt because of the format.

The focus is all on the families, victims, or people who lived through the experiences. It’s a fascinating way to go about the series that doesn’t ever feel like its glorifying the killers or evil people. Getting the story from people that were on the ground or even those who heard it, gives it more of that urban legend, small-town vibe.

You can stream John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams on Peacock. Give it a watch if you love shows like Unsolved Mysteries or Dateline. it provides a more horror-angled focus than those series, but these real-life tales of terror are fantastic.

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