Loki season 2 just recently made its debut on Disney+ on October 5, 2023. Not only that, but critics and audiences alike are giving it nearly as positive reviews as season 1 so far. Why “so far”, you might ask? Well, because it’s still ongoing as of this writing. The 6th and final episode won’t premiere until November 9, 2023. Thus, there’s still plenty of time for Marvel Studios and Disney to hype future episodes of this Disney+ series up even further. And what better way to hype it up than with a collaboration with BoxLunch for some slick merch?

Loki Season 2 x BoxLunch Collaboration: Details

Loki season 2x BoxLunch PR deck image 1.
Now you too can dress like Loki…or at least, in his colors.

BoxLunch is proud to announce a collaboration effort with Marvel Studios over Loki season 2. For what, you might ask? Well, for merchandise, of course. Mostly in the form of a whole new collection of apparel (i.e. clothing). This includes a “BoxLunch Exclusive Loki Striped Baseball Jersey in Loki’s signature green and gold colors”.

BoxLunch Exclusive Loki Striped Baseball Jersey lifestyle photo.
Does Loki go back to high school in this season? Wait, did he even go to a high school to begin with?

Next up from BoxLunch, we also have as part of their new collection a “TVA Logo Tee“. As you can see below, it’s a T-shirt with the Time Variance Authority logo on it. A bit ironic given that they’re the ones imprisoning Loki the last time I checked, but it’s an irony that the god of mischief himself might appreciate.

TVA Logo Tee lifestyle photo.
Nothing like littering to declare that one is a rebel from the TVA.

It’s not just clothing that’s part of this Loki season 2 x BoxLunch collab though. They’ve even got a “BoxLunch Exclusive Loki Horns Mini Backpack“. As the name suggests, it’s a very small backpack decorated in a combination of Loki symbols, and even a 3D applique helmet attached to the back of the backpack.

BoxLunch Exclusive Loki Horns Mini Backpack lifestyle image.
Is it just me, or do those horns look like one could stab someone with them?

Not even the other characters in the Loki series are left out. Now when they’re getting their own apparel from BoxLunch. This includes the “Sylvie Graphic Tee” below.

Sylvie Graphic Tee lifestyle image.
Is it jsut me, or is that a most adorable example of Stylistic Suck?

Finally, BoxLunch even has a collection of Loki season 2 accessories to top everything off. These include the “Sylvie Dagger and Sylvie Crown Jewel Earring Sets (coming soon)” below.

Loki season 2x BoxLunch accessories lifestyle image.
Maybe you could even use those earrings as very small daggers?

You can browse through the entire Loki season 2 collab collection right now on the BoxLunch webstore.